What kind of articles is the pallet shuttle suitable for?

Radioshuttle® is a high density storage system that works with, and have experience in, all kinds of articles.

Why invest in Radioshuttle® instead of in other solution?

You will store more pallets safer and faster, with less equipment and get better ROI. We are the inventor of this pallet shuttle with almost 30 years of experience from almost 1500 installations all over the world. You can trust the original!”

How do I know that this system is good for my operation?

We will assist in doing an investigation of your available space and pallet variation to validate the numbers. It’s easy for us to show you how much space and money you save by investing in Radioshuttle®.

Do you have used equipment?

Yes, let’s together to discuss what we can do for you.

Can I sell the shuttle back?

Sure, we support complete lifetime cycle. Let us get in touch and we’ll help you to find the best alternative.

Can I rent a shuttle?

Of course, you don’t have to own it to use all its advantages. Lets’ discuss your needs to bring you the best alternative.

What is the delivery time?

Typically between 10-15 weeks.

How do I get in contact with a dealer near me?

Call, or email us,  and we will make sure a nearby dealer will contact you. Email: Tel: +46 371 340 00

What is the lifetime on the system?

We have installation delivered earlier than 1990 still in operation.

How much does Radioshuttle® cost?

Depending on pallet size and weight and system specifications it varies, though a typical ROI are between 1-2 years compared to other storage systems.

How automated is the system?

Depending on end of aisle equipment. We can work all the way from a manual forklift up to a fully automated AS/RS system. The shuttle unit speak direct to WMS.

Can the system communicate to a WMS?

Yes, we have a standardised interface to all major WMS.

What kind of pallet types is the pallet shuttle suitable for?

As long as you have a uniformed carrier we can probably work with this. In our database we have more than 150 different approved pallet configurations.

What is the ROI?

Typically between 1-2 years depending of operational conditions. Let´s get in touch and we will help you to learn the one for your specific application.

How much space do I save when using the pallet shuttle solution Radioshuttle®?

You can store up to 100% more pallets on the same space compared to normal pallet racking. Contact us and we will show you how much money and space you save by investing in Radioshuttle®. Use our calculator on the start page to actually see how much space you can save.

How does the Radioshuttle® help me to minimize costs?

Saving space and reduce the number of forklifts in your warehouse will definately help you to reduce costs. What if you don’t have to expand your warehouse, or rent external storage to get more space? And have your staff focus on other task while Radioshuttle® is doing the job.   Contact us and we’ll tell …

How does Radioshuttle® enhance my productivity?

As a rule of thumb: 50% higher capacity on each forklift. Let your staff focus on other tasks while Radioshuttle® is doing the job!

How does the system help me to reduce damage on both products and personell?

By reducing number of interfaces between racking and forklifts we aid the driver in the operation. There are loads of tips and hints hiden in original Radioshuttle® solution. Contact us and we will help you to find more for your specific application.