We take our responsibility very seriously

As a responsible supplier, we work tirelessly to advance Radioshuttle® performance and reliability through our commitment to Research and Development. An equal commitment is made to be as efficient as possible in the resources and materials we use. We continually strive to limit our effect on the environment – to make the best products in the world and the best product for the world. As part of our commitment to the environment, we are compliant with the international environmental standard ISO 14001.

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Space and sustainability

When choosing a Radioshuttle® storage system you will not only save space, but also energy. By optimising your storage space, you will lower your CO2 emissions caused by heating, air-conditioning and transports.

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Clean energy

We use clean energy to generate the power needed to run our manufacturing processes. Wind turbines generate the majority of power. Whatever we require during excess during peak periods that cannot be generated with turbines, we offset in carbon credits.

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The Radioshuttle® is at its heart a transportation device. Systems around the world are now moving 116.000 pallets every hour. By using extreme high efficiency drives throughout our system, we require very little power compared to conventional means.

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Recycling Materials

The steel used in Radioshuttle® structure is robust and designed for decades of use. When the end of life service comes, our high grade steel will be recycled to be remade into other steel structures – perhaps even another Radioshuttle® system!

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For all exposed surfaces that require paint, we use a powder based paint for a few reasons; durability, quality and environmental considerations.

Durability – Powder based coating protects your investment with an incredibly durable finish. Years after purchase your Radioshuttle® system will be free from flaking or chipping.

Quality – The attractive and high polished look of a powder based coating gives the entire system a high quality look that will remain glossy for years.

Environmental Considerations – Liquid finishes contain solvents which have pollutants known as volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Powder based coatings are virtually free of VOC’s – to the point that there is no need to have pollution control equipment to contain these compounds.