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“We now know that we have a system that can accommodate our business in the best way possible.”

Red River Foods is a Commodity trading and importing company that’s been around for about 40 years. They specialize in tree nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and specialty snack products. They supply the bakery, confectionery, cereal, dairy, and snack food industries with the finest quality product ingredients. Red River has established a worldwide reach, serving a …

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“Radioshuttle helped us store 110% more pallets”

Naber Plastics was in need of extra storage due to sustained growth of the company. In 2020 Naber Plastics produced 56.000 pallets, which grew to 60.000 pallets in 2021, and their new warehouse became too small very quickly. Storing pallets outside was a temperary solution for them when their production capacity went up dramatically. The …

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“Radioshuttle® really helps us to improve efficiency and to create more storage space.”

Because of its products, LOHILO has warehouses that include refrigeration and freezer so they need warehouse solutions that work in these temperature ranges. “It has been a joy to work with Radioshuttle® and our cooperation has worked flawlessly, from start to finish assembly.” Erik Isaksson, Warehouse Manager at LOHILO As the company LOHILO has grown, …

Radioshuttle® Connect – Connectivity made simple

Radioshuttle® Connect enables two-way communication between the shuttle and a device of your choice. It acts as a merger between the handheld remote control and the information display of the shuttle. The Radioshuttle® Connect can be installed in any RS6.0 shuttle and used with a device of your choice. Just plug and play!

Logimat cancelled – meet our experts here instead

We are of course very disappointed that we didn’t get to meet you at Logimat in Stuttgart this year, but hope to catch your interest and curiousity in how we can help you. Meet our experts here.

Hello world!

With a new, and improved webpage, we hope to help you in your journey to find the best solution possible, whether it’s about a need for more space, free up more time for personnel or just general curiosity about us and our system. Take a look at the movie that helps you understand what Radioshuttle™ …

“Radioshuttle™ is helping us free up loads of space, which is amazing and makes our everyday lives so much easier.”

Because of its products, Oatly has warehouses that include refrigeration and freezer warehouses so they obviously need warehouse solutions that work in these temperature ranges. Oatly needed help to free up more space in their warehouse, space that they absolutely needed. That’s when they chose Radioshuttle™. The fact that Radioshuttle™ had documented experience working in …

Radioshuttle® drew attention at LogiMat

Our Radioshuttle® brand is growing worldwide and has started to become an oft-heard name in the logistics industry. From 19-21 February 2019, EAB presented Radioshuttle® at the LogiMat logistics expo in Stuttgart, Germany. The booth had a great location just inside the entrance to one of the smaller event halls. Radioshuttle The booth had a …