The original Radioshuttle® structure

Unparalleled durability and world class performance

Shuttle in structure

30 years of experience
with the technology

Safe, strong and reliable components made by one company.


Storage efficiency

The highest storage density available – up to 100% more storage space.

Versatile and
rigid structure

The system handles all types of pallets. Single pallet weight capacity 1800 kg.

Converting space
into business

Proven storage system with over 1.500 installations worldwide.

Versatile applications of the system

How many ways can Radioshuttle® be configured?
How many types of warehouses are there? See different configurations below.

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  • FIFO - First in first out

    Use Radioshuttle® in your facility as a means to store date critical items that require the first pallets in to be the the first pallets out.

    Amazingly, Radioshuttle® can be used to carry out a reorganization of your pallets, and when required, move all pallets closer to the unloading point.

  • FILO – First in last out

    For SKU’s that can be treated one group per lane, pallet handling will take place in the main aisle. This means that the rack can be made much deeper than ordinary high density racking systems.

    Furthermore, the truck doesn’t need to stand and wait for the shuttle it’s free to work elsewhere. This produces a high rate of turnover while halving the truck’s handling time. As the shuttle works on levels, the goods only need to be uniform within one level of the section.

    This means a high rate of capacity utilization and a high rate of accessibility.

  • Pick tunnel

    The Radioshuttle® system easily combines with a dynamic pallet flow case pick tunnel.

    Used in combination, replenishment pallets are stored at upper levels to feed pallet flow pick lanes at lower levels. All case picking takes place from within a picking tunnel that passes through the rack at ground level.

    The buffer pallets are handled by trucks and the Radioshuttle® in a separate truck corridor: An efficient and space saving way of storing pallets in the immediate vicinity of picking, and at the same time achieving a safe pick aisle.

  • Mezzanine for staging

    Radioshuttle® system, in combination with a structural mezzanine, will benefit your facility in many ways.

    Open space for staging of product is created at ground level with buffer storage just on top of it – without sacrificing selectivity of goods.

    This solution will maximize usage of your existing available warehouse space. Loading of trucks will be optimized, resulting in less overall transport time.

“Radioshuttle® really helps us to improve efficiency and to create more storage space.”


Components working in perfect harmony

All Radioshuttle® system components have been designed, engineered and manufactured by one company from the ground up to function as one system. Tolerances required for unparalleled durability and world class performance are designed into the entire system: structure, shuttle and the entire system. This tremendous advantage is apparent the first time you see your installation – and for the decades of use that follow!


Radioshuttle® configurations – It’s your choice.

  • Rail

    Our patented Radioshuttle® rail has a wide top opening. This allows the operator to place the shuttle into the structure quickly and easily!

    The combination of our high strength rail and Radioshuttle® poly wheels will result in a structure that lasts for decades.

  • Entry guide

    The entry guide serves several functions:

    • Aiding the operator in loading the shuttle into the structure
    • Guiding pallets into the first position – both vertically and horizontally
    • Protecting the rail with several deflection plates
  • Frame protection

    For outer frame uprights and truck aisles we provide:

    • Machine protection netting to keep people clear of any storage lanes for continued safe operation.
    • Aisle upright protection to protect the entire structure from any accidental bumps during travel along aisles adjacent to the system.
  • Front upright protection

    Radioshuttle® comes with options for protecting the structure during loading or unloading product at ground level.

Radioshuttle™ - Shuttle parts

The world’s fastest Radioshuttle®

The 6th generation of Radioshuttle® is here. Our RS 6.0 is fast, intelligent and flexible with new technology ready for Industry 4.0. Based on experience from over 1,500 installations worldwide.

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