Why is splicing good for me?

This is one of our smart ways how to make your aftersales service a lot faster and cheaper. Let’s get together to discuss the best solution for your application.

Can I change layout FIFO/FILO?

Sure, there are several ways how to do it. Our system is very flexible. You can even do it by channel if you wish to do so. Contact us and we’ll discuss what will work best for you and your operation. Learn more here.

Will you assist with spare parts when needed?

Yes, we have spare parts in stock.

Who makes the racking structure that supports the pallet shuttle?

We do! We are the only shuttle provider who makes our own pallet shuttle and structure (racking)in the same facility – guaranteeing 100% control. And all is manufactured in our own factory in Sweden.

How can I protect the racking and pallet shuttle from damage?

Depending of what forklift you are using we have different kind of protectors and aid for the driver. Contact us to learn your specific application and find the best solution for you.

How will the structure affect the floorslab?

We will assist with a pointload calculation for each project making sure that we are in the limits of the floorslab.

What kind of surface treatment does the racking have?

Depending on what parts and requirement but all galvanised part are pregalvanised in a good quality and painted parts are powderpainted.

What is the quality of the racking? 

We have over 30 years of experience in racking solutions and are known to be among the best in the industry. Our engineers work hard to evaluate how much weight our solution need to take and under which circumstances.

Why can’t I buy only the pallet shuttle, and use another racking (structure)?

We provide a full system, not just components  – as we always take a full system responsibility.

How does it work with the mounting of the system?

We have professional team covering the whole world ready to assist.

Can I use the system for both FIFO/FILO, and other applications?

Yes you can, basically only your imagination is the limit. Learn more here.