Fully automated production facility with zero-defect vision

Gundlach Automotive Solutions Sweden in Gothenburg is the most advanced wheel assembly plant in Scandinavia and an example of what the future of the manufacturing industry might look like. Quality, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability go hand in hand with a vision of zero-defect production.

When operating a factory that maintains a good pace and a consistently high-quality level, a reliable automation is vital in all processes. That’s why Gundlach chose to implement the Radioshuttle™ system.

The facility receives tires and rims which are handed over to the automation system which brings it into the storage before further processing and handling of the products. The production line assembles the tire and the rim, fills with air, balances, measures, and activates sensors. Each completed pallet that exits the production line represents a complete set of wheels for a car.

“In one year, at full capacity, the deliveries can cover more than half of all new car registrations in Sweden. Achieving this with a traditional, non-automated setup would require significantly more space and between 100 and 150 people. Today, there are only 24 employees at the factory,” says David Ackeby, Plant General Manager at Gundlach Automotive Solutions Sweden AB.

-The Radioshuttle™ system is central to our operation, optimizing both space utilization and facilitating required pace within our system. It has enabled us to maximize storage capacity within our facility. Additionally, the system’s efficient design has allowed for a wider aisle layout, facilitating multiple simultaneous workflows. In total, we have 22 Radioshuttle™, just slightly fewer than we have employees.

– Through the automation of repetitive tasks, we guarantee that every individual involved in the production process contributes meaningful value. We work with a zero-defect vision regarding quality. Our first million assemblies were delivered without any technical deviations.

We are proud of what we have created, together with our partners.