Meet our experts and take a 360° peek at our booth

We are of course very disappointed that we didn’t get to meet you at Logimat in Stuttgart this year, but hope to catch your interest and curiosity in how we can help you here.

Learn about our patented system Radioshuttle™  – how much you can optimize your warehouse space – and our latest release, the Radioshuttle™  web system.

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Take a 360° peek at our Radioshuttle™ booth

In stationary mode only.

The original Radioshuttle® optimizes your warehouse space

Meet Håkan Gedda, Area Sales Manager

What can Radioshuttle® do for you?

Meet Håkan Gedda, Area Sales Manager

Our latest release – the new Radioshuttle® web system

Meet Christoffer Gustafsson, Development Manager

Radioshuttle® helped warehouse to more than double its storage capacity