Trademark guidelines Radioshuttle®

The information below is provided to help you use and properly refence our brand features, Radioshuttle logos, and trademarks.

Radioshuttle® trademark guidelines

Radioshuttle trademark guidelines have been created to help our customers, partners, outside suppliers, and other third parties understand how to use Radioshuttle brand features correctly, including Radioshuttle logos and trademarks. You are permitted to use the Radioshuttle name, logos, artwork, and other brand features only in accordance with these guidelines and Radioshuttle customer portal. Any use of Radioshuttle brand features contrary to our guidelines is prohibited. Radioshuttle reserves the right to revise or update the guidelines in its sole discretion. By using or referring to the Radioshuttle brand asset, you agree to comply with these guidelines.

Radioshuttle® logos and trademarks

Radioshuttle brand features include both registered and unregistered trademarks of Radioshuttle, including the Radioshuttle word mark, the Radioshuttle logos, the Radioshuttle slogans and taglines.

You can download our logos here.

Trademark guidelines

The Radioshuttle name, logos, artwork, and other brand features are valuable Radioshuttle intellectual property. You acknowledge that Radioshuttle is the sole owner of the Radioshuttle trademarks, and all goodwill derived from their use accrues only to Radioshuttle. Radioshuttle may review use of our brand assets at any time and reserves the right to terminate or modify any use.

If you have a separate written agreement with Radioshuttle that agreement may include different or additional terms concerning the use of Radioshuttle brand assets. If so, please follow the specific guidelines in your agreement.

How to use (and how not to use) Radioshuttle® brand features

You may use Radioshuttle trademarks only in the most current form provided by Radioshuttle. Do not: (a) modify the Radioshuttle brand assets in any way, including by changing any colors or dimensions or obstructing or printing over any part of any logo or adding your own design elements; or (b) use an out of date version of any Radioshuttle logo or trademark.

When you reference Radioshuttle®, your reference must be truthful and clearly and accurately indicate your relationship to Radioshuttle®.

Do not use any Radioshuttle brand features in a damaging or derogatory way, or on any site that violates any law, as determined by Radioshuttle in its sole discretion.

Do not use trademarks, logos, company names, icons, product or feature names, domain names, social media handles, or avatars that include “Radioshuttle,” variations that look or sound similar to “Radioshuttle,” or any Radioshuttle trademark or logo.

Do not register, purchase, or use any domain names that include the word “Radioshuttle” (including any misspelling or transliteration of “Radioshuttle”).

Do not apply for any trademark that includes the word “Radioshuttle”.

Do not use the Radioshuttle trademark in connection with advertising (search engine or otherwise) if not approved by Radioshuttle.

Do not use any taglines, slogans or phrases that are similar to any slogans used by Radioshuttle.

Attribute our trademarks properly. Please reflect our ownership of the Radioshuttle® trademarks as follows:

For anything used within the U.S, Canada and Europe, use the ® symbol on the most prominent use of the word Radioshuttle (Radioshuttle®)*, and say “Radioshuttle® is a registered trademark of EAB AB in Sweden” at the bottom of the page on which the Radioshuttle word mark first appears.

Trademarks are adjectives, not nouns or verbs and should not be used as a plural or possessive. Use the Radioshuttle trademark only as an adjective followed by the appropriate noun describing the relevant product or service (e.g., “the Radioshuttle® system.”)

Do not use Radioshuttle in plural or possessive form or as a verb or as a noun.