Customer stories

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“Radioshuttle helped us store 110% more pallets”

Naber Plastics was in need of extra storage due to sustained growth of the company. The installation of Radioshuttle to their warehouse got them prepared for new challenges in the future.

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“Radioshuttle™ really helps us to improve efficiency and to create more storage space.”

As the company LOHILO has grown, the need for larger and better optimized warehouse space has increased. The company recently moved into new warehouse- and logistics facilities to secure future expansion. At the same time, they also built a 2000 m2 freezer that can hold about 4 million cartons of ice-creams.

“Radioshuttle™ is helping us free up loads of space, which is amazing and makes our everyday lives so much easier.”

Oatly needed help to free up more space in their warehouse, space that they absolutely needed. That's when they chose Radioshuttle™. The fact that Radioshuttle™ had documented experience working in different temperature ranges was both a requirement and a massive plus for Oatly, as well as one of the reasons why Radioshuttle™ in particular was the choice.