“Radioshuttle helped us store 110% more pallets”

Naber Plastics was in need of extra storage due to sustained growth of the company. In 2020 Naber Plastics produced 56.000 pallets, which grew to 60.000 pallets in 2021, and their new warehouse became too small very quickly. Storing pallets outside was a temperary solution for them when their production capacity went up dramatically. The installation of Radioshuttle to their warehouse got them prepared for new challenges in the future.

Naber Plastics is a leading plastic injection molding company, based in Waalwikj in Holland. The company manufacture and deliver plastic molds that are used for, among other things, food packaging, electrical charging boxes and flower pots. As a family business with over 30 years of experience they will help you from the design phase to the production of the final product.

store more pallets pallet shuttle

Naber Plastics produces large series of the same product, which makes the system Radioshuttle a perfect solution for them. We designed Radioshuttle lanes of 72 pallets, 60 meters deep, which not only store their pallets, but takes away the larger amount of driving distances for the forklifts. A forklift is now able to pick up pallets at the production line and drives them into the center aisle of the warehouse towards the desired Radioshuttle section. The shuttle picks up the pallet from that section and moves it towards the loading dock 60 meters away. They can there be loaded out of the racking fast and a truck can now pick up the pallets for distribution all over the world.

– In collaboration with Naber, we made adaptions so that different types of pallet sizes and configurations worked perfectly with Radioshuttle. In 2020, we finished phase 1 with 4382 pallet locations, and since Naber is very happy with our Radioshuttle system, we are currently building phase 2 consisting of additional 3377 pallet locations, says Gerwin van Bakel, Project Manager at Radioshuttle in Holland.

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Maud Naber, Naber Plastics
-Radioshuttle helped us to store 110% more pallets than before, shorten our forklift driving distances, and makes sure we are ready for the future of automated trucks.

Gerwin van Bakel, Radioshuttle
-Since we had full confidence from Naber Plastics and got to show our system’s capacity to them, this project was also a success. I’m really looking forward to having the shuttles working together with automated trucks. Naber Plastics is a very progressive company, and that suits us at Radioshuttle very well”